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On 25th October 2018 the first stage of a very special project went live. Elphen Chronicles Book 2: Webstrand the Tooth Gatherer, written by artist and author, Paul Taggart, has been brought to life in art, photography, film, design and music. The project, many years in the making, takes several forms, the first of which is a nine-chapter video book consisting of Paul reading the story, accompanied by Eileen Tunnell's photography and film of his real-time painting of the Masterworks and over one hundred Vignettes, with the design talents of Sunita Gahir and accompanied by specially composed music by Liza.

This immense undertaking of creative collaboration will continue to unfold over coming months in the form of many manifestations, including an album of music and of course the actual hard-copy book.  Webstrand the Tooth Gatherer is more than just a story; it is the imagining and creation of a whole other world - a world of beauty, adventure, fun, wonder, intrigue and danger. In this science-fantasy, folk-lore epic we follow the adventures of Fizz, a young girl who finds herself at the centre of a community of Elphen and their struggles for survival.


                                                      Album coming in 2022!

The soundtrack has been composed by Liza, who has turned to traditional music and Gaelic song to furnish the film with an enchanting and evocative feel and atmosphere.  Also playing on the soundtrack and forthcoming album are fellow-musicians, Alasdair Taylor of The Elephant Sessions, Bev Fraser of Dorec-a-belle, piper and Gaelic singer Calum Alex Macmillan, and cellist Imke Henderson, all beautifully recorded by Stephen Bull at Glachbeg Studio, near Inverness.

To learn more about The Elphen Chronicles as developments unfold and further elements of this multi-media project are released, please subscribe to the email list on our Contact page, and to see more of Paul's work, subscribe to Elphen Chronicles, purchase Chapters & Box Sets, as well as view his online art tutorials, please do visit his site on Vimeo.

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